A playful take on the iconic cocktail rocks glass. This collection of 5 faceted tumblers are cast in  porcelain with select stains to create a visually delightful graduated grayscale. Our tumblers are light to the touch and feature a satin smooth exterior finish that compliments the clear glazed interior for food safety. The finishing touch is our gold signature.

When not in use, enjoy their visual architecture, line them up or create a gradient stack that is top shelf worthy. 

Ideal for cold drinks and cocktails, Not recommended for hot liquids. Hand wash only to retain our gold lustre EDS signature.

Made to order

made to order

We craft small batch ceramics made to order at our studio which allows us to deliver the finest hand finished pieces. For this reason, you will be notified when the item you are purchasing is not on our ready to ship shelves, please allow 3-4 weeks for an item to be lovingly made before it can be shipped.